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Control your Roku® TV conveniently from any computer or smartphone.

RoboCallz Online Audio Lite is a convenient and simple tool that can be used right in your browser. It allows you to record your voice using a microphone and upload it as a .WAV file to a channel.

No software downloads or installations necessary. No plugins are required. It is all in HTML5 (WebRTC).

The App is completely free. No hidden payments, activation fees, or charges for extra features.

We guarantee that our App is secure. Everything you record is accessible to you alone.

Hit the 🎙 icon to record and upload. You can adjust your microphone input level using your computer's volume controls.

If you install our App in Slack it will post your file in the selected channel as an audio message.

Sit back, relax and listen what others in your team are saying.

Type slash command "/audio" or "/rcrdr" in Slack to launch the App.

Just click on the Slack icon and confirm. If first time, an account will be created with the same email used to login into Slack. You can also request a password by email anytime after.

Try our App now.

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